Why Every Website and Blog Owners should use Google Search Console

Are you looking for a great tool to get your site more relevant traffic? Do you want to be ranked high on Google search? Then this is the right article for you. There are many Google tools you can use to monitor or optimize different aspect of your website.

However, it is important for you to know what they do individually and how to use them. One of these free Google tools is the Google search console. On this article, we are going to take a deep dive into everything you need to know about Google search console and how it will help set-up your business and web page.


Table of contents


          What is Google search console?

          Who should use Google search console?

          How to verify a website on Google search console?

          15 most popular features used in Search console





Google search console is a free tool designed by Google that helps bloggers, website owners and SEO professionals monitor and understand their performance on Google search and also help them improve their appearance on searches to bring relevant traffic on their sites. It is a very important tool used by content creators to benefit and optimize their websites.

However, Google search console is not a criteria for your website to appear on Google search results but it is necessary to help you monitor how Google sees and serves your website to individuals, helps you check indexing status and improve the visibility of their websites. It is a service that gives feedback on how your website is doing in Google search results.

Google search console creates to your awareness, which searches bring people to your site and which searches or sites link to your website.



      Crawl report: This report helps you to monitor whether your website can be accessed by Google, if this is not possible, then your content cannot be included in Google searches.

      Index report: This gives information on what Google has concluded about your website. It also informs you on whether the site is accessible or not.



Not everyone can use search console but anyone with a website!

  1. SEO marketers: For someone who is into online marketing, Google search console will help you monitor and make decisions on the appearance of your site on Google searches, optimize your website and improve ranking. You can use the information from Google search console to influence technical decisions for the website.
  2. Web developers: Google search console helps you as a web developer to monitor and resolve issues relating to creating code for your site.
  3. Site administrators: your utmost concern as a site admin is the healthy operation of your site. Search console helps you monitor, observe errors or issues and help you resolve them on time. Read more.
  1. Business owners:  Using Search Console to improve your blog or wordpress websites search visibility is very important to your marketing strategy.




Before you can enjoy the benefits of Google search console, you need to verify whatever site you have. However, the following are steps to get your web pages verified;


STEP 1: Go to Google search console. Then you sign in using your Google account email you use to sign into your website.

STEP 2: At the top left of your dashboard, click on the “Search property“. Note: You do this if your blog site is already verified. Click on your blog name to see the data.


STEP 3: Click on the red button “Add property“. A box will be provided where you can insert your site’s URL, and then, click on Continue. This is done if your website is not yet verified.




Verification is done immediately. However, it is necessary to download and save the HTML verification file by clicking on the hyperlink provided.

Note that; Google search console start collecting data as soon as your site is verified.



Afterwards, you click on the verify button to confirm if the process was successful.




1.    Clicks: This tells you the number of times your link has been clicked on. A click is only counted whenever your link takes the searcher out of Google property.

2.     Impressions: This indicates how often someone sees the link to your website in searches.


3.    Average CTR: The acronym CTR, stands for Click-Through Rate: This is said to be the calculation of clicks and impressions. It tells you how many persons finally clicks on your link after seeing it.


4.    Average position: This has to do with where your link is placed and how it is ranked on Google.

5.     Index coverage: This shows the links on your website   that has been crawled and indexed by Google. It means that Google keeps track of everything done on your website.

6.    URL Inspection: This provides details of the indexed version of a particular website.


7.    Speed: The “Speed” reports, helps to quickly search for a section and links of your websites that may have issues of speed performance.


8.    AMP: This is an acronym for “Accelerated Mobile Pages”. It is designed to create “fast loading pages” that works well on mobile.


9.    Sitemaps: This is a file located in the search console where details of everything on your webpage is stored.


10.                      Mobile usability: This shows which pages in your page have usability problems when viewed on mobile devices. It issue can affect a user with a small screen.


11.                      Manual Actions: Manual actions signifies that your webpage has been reviewed and discovered that it doesn’t meet up with Google’s definition of quality, however causes demotion of your page.


12.                      Penalty Reviews:  This review can lead to manual action from Google when they discover that you have violated their standards.


13.                      Site map submission: With site-map, you can submit your URL directly to search console.


14.                       Link report: This report shows which of your web page has the most links and which other link have back linked to yours.


15.                       Queries report: This report portrays the number of impressions that each of your website generates.


Conclusively, from this article, you should know that search console is very key to upgrading and adding relevance to your blog page. It is very necessary for developers, SEO professionals etc. It helps to easily monitor and resolve site issues and errors. Google search console can also be used for site maintenance.

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