What is backlink: How can you get free Authority backlinks for your Blog or website?

 What is backlink?

Backlinks are very good for your blog or website, it shows how authentic the resources or information are.

Building backlinks are one of the best strategies to boost traffic and domain authority, as a website owner, you must learn how to get backlinks to your websites.


Some businesses pay top dollars to gain a single link on high-quality websites but not all businesses can afford to buy backlinks


As you go through this article you will not only learn what backlink is but also know how it can help your website to attract traffic, now let’s go into the main topic.


       What is backlink

    How does backlink help your website blog

    Competitors backlink

    White hat backlink

    Free backlink site

    How to find out how many backlinks a website has

    How to find backlinks of websites

    Backlink tracker and then



What is backlink

A backlink is a link from your page on a website to another person’s website or vise versa, it can be an image, a text, or even a button. For example, if you link to another website, they have a link from you but if they link to your website you have a link from them.


 Having said that, let’s move to the next topic which is how backlinks can help your website as a writer or blogger

How does backlink help your website or blog

       Backlink we should know that backlink provide additional value to the reader, backlink that points to your website indicate that your search engine has value, so we will say that backlinks



    Provide a source

    Recommend something

    Make your content authentic

    It provides wider content to the reader etc

Backlink plays a big role in the success or failure of a website. Depending on how you use it. Next topic is


Competitor backlink

   The first question you will ask is what is a backlink competitor?

A backlink competitor is a kind of analysis where you reverse engineer your competitor’s backlink, you do this so you can build the same link or higher rank in search engines like Google and drive more traffic to your website. Now you may ask how do I find my competitors or know who they are, this will guide you on those questions 👇




1.     Domain level competitors

  These sites compete with you in the SERPs,

       These sites are not just competing with you for one or two-term searches but they are competing with you on many term searches across many pages.

   But one thing you should know is that this competition I’m talking about is not a business competition, they may be competing for similar keywords. So that brings us to the second number

     2. page-level competitors

These are not complete competitors I must say, that is regarding site word, keywords, and the rest but they still compete with you on page levels for a particular topic or keyword.

   Having said that we will go to the next topic



     White hat backlink

   What is a white hat backlink you may ask? Let’s get down to the definition first

  A white hat backlink is an SEO approach to increase your website and search ranking, you can create high-quality content and then conduct outreach to another website then get an inbound link from them.

White hat backlinks are links that are earned within the guidelines of Google.

White hat backlinks focus more on long-term search engine optimization results. White hat backlinks build a brand that ranks for important keywords by adding value to the content that matches search intent.

However, there are some free sights for backlink which will be our next topic


        Free backlinks sights

    SEO spyGlass; this site run for zero cost, this report can provide you not just with the basics but also with detailed data and research information

    Semrush; in this sight, you have everything in one place, backlink audit, keyword research, and more

    Morningscore; we all know that backlink is kind of complicated but morning score makes it so simple, even with zero experience this sight will guide you and make sure feel like an expert in the field.

    BuzzSumo; this sight can help you discover new and trending topics and articles your competitors posted, with this knowledge, outdo them and create the topic your audience is searching for. And lastly

    Google search console; this sight might not be the best backlink tool but trust me it’s a bonus and you will agree with me that sight owners must have a Google search console to check how Google sees their website. Next is.


          How to find out how many backlinks a website has {case study}

          Below will show you how you can check and know how many backlinks a website has

1.     Navigate the key to explorer

In case you are new to this 🖕 words, link explorer is a world-class checker, it can be used to research the link profile of any page on the internet, you can do a good amount of backlink research with it, it also shows the link using metric like page authority, domain authority, etc

2.      Enter your competitor URL

Opening your competitor’s sight in a browser window and copying the URL won’t be a bad idea, it will reduce spelling errors and correct the domain name if there are any mistakes

3.     Navigate to the”inbound link” tab

This link tab will display all pages that link to your competitor’s website. It will help you identify sources of the link that deliver link equity. Next is👇

How to find backlinks of a website

    Identify all incoming links and linking domain

    Detect backlink types

    Get informed when backlinks are deleted

    Spot new backlink

    Research single URLs, domains, and anchors

    Find out which page has the most backlink

    Discover all backlinks to a domain, subdomain, or URL

    Filter down your data to analyze it from a different perspective

    Breakdown backlinks by types:

image/form/text/frame/sitewide etc

And that will bring us to the last topic which is

Backlink tracker

 A backlink tracker or checker as the case may be help you to monitor your backlink profile, you get a notification in case any poor quality site is linked to you. It also notifies you to in case of any potential link-building opportunities so that you can gain more positive inbound that will help you.


From this article, we now understand that backlink is very important in your website if you are hoping to receive more visitors from search engines like Google, Yahoo, bing, and many others.

So to sum up, with the more backlink you have pointing to your website. Search engines will reward you with a higher ranking. Stay tuned to our blog to learn more topics on how to build a stronger website.


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