Ubersuggest tool: get keywords your competitors are using to get leads and sales on their product page

 Ubersuggest helps you generate keywords ideas for your content, marketing strategy and production. With ubersuggest’s free keywords tools, you can generate an unlimited keywords for your content.

The ubersuggest is insightful data related to a specific keyword query on Google but also on sites like youtube, Amazon and more.

If you keep reading, I will show you how you can use ubersuggest tool to get keywords that will increase your blog traffic, sales to your product page.


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    What is ubersuggest

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What is ubersuggest?

Ubersuggest is an SEO tool that shows you keywords to use in creating contents (articles) as a content writer, a blogger, and more. If you are an online writer, email writer, and many others ubersuggest is for you.

The ubersuggest does not only show you query on Google but also on sites like <URL> youtube, Twitter, Amazon etc.

I have a special secret to disclose, which can definitely increase your sales on your sales page.

You can use ubersuggest to get keywords your competitors are using to get leads and sales on their product page.

How can you do this when you do not know how ubersuggest works.


How does ubersuggest work

Just like many other SEO onlinetools, ubersuggest works by generating new or already existing keywords, it show the backlinks for your website or that of your competitors.

There are some levels of data that this particular tool will allow you to look into and they are;

    Keyword overview

    Keyword ideas

    Content ideas

    Top ranking pages


How accurate is ubersuggest

Ubersuggest, I will say is one of the most accurate, useful, and revolutionary SEO tools you can have in your phone or computer.

This SEO tool was developed by a team led by Neill Patel, you can count him as one of the best digital marketers in this business. Here are some reason why we will count ubersuggest as accurate and very useful

1.     It helps to find the best keywords for your site

2.     It finds the secondary keyword by adding more related keywords

3.     Ubersuggest views the search volume of a keyword with its cost per click

4.     It also helps to monitor the progress of your site and that of your competitors.


 However, I will not give it a 100% SEO site as it has its own flaws as it most times doesn’t type long-tail keywords and doesn’t show them at all. I will say it doesn’t recognize long keywords as keywords. So in my own scale of preference I will give the SEO sight a 95%.

So in other words you should say ubersuggest is accurate. The next keyword we will look into now is 👇


    How to use ubersuggest tool

 Now for beginners or those that are confused on how to use the ubersuggest tool, I’m sure before you finish reading this you will become an expert in using the ubersuggest tool. So firstly,

    In the search bar, you type the main keyword you will likely use to get more keywords. For example, if you want to get a keyword on how to bake cakes, just type “how to bake cakes” on the search box and other related keywords will appear.

    You choose what you want whether it’s image search, web search, news search, youtube video search, even shopping search, and more

    Choose the country and select the language you want to get your keywords in, for example, if you are an American choose English/America and the tool will show you keywords from Google America. Ie Google. co in the English language.

    You then click the suggest button, it starts loading keywords ideas, if it gets to 100%, the keyword will appear on the page

    The keyword can be expanded by clicking on the down arrow-shaped button beside it and selecting ‘expand this keyword ‘ you can also make use of Google search or Google trend for the keyword

    You can use a filter box which you can use to sort out your results according to your preferences.

    You can also view keywords in a word cloud and show a particular keyword you like to be shown on the keyword selected page

    To copy or save from the SEO to your computer you just have to click on “view as text” to get the keyword in a text form then you download it to your computer.

    You can also use a reset button available to clear the keyword on the page.


Now to the last keyword for this content but not the least though


Tools like ubersuggest

Although you will tag ubersuggest as one of the best SEO tools for keywords search, there are other tools like it or if not better depending on your search and understanding when you use them, you know choices defer so below I will be stating some other tools like it




     Arhefs; this is an SEO tool that helps anyone stay on top of their competitors, it can even drive more traffic and optimize their website. Trying it won’t be a bad idea

    SE Ranking; this includes SEO software for small businesses, digital agencies, SEO pros. It’s very easy to use and I’ll rate it accurately.

    Semrush; is one big online visibility and content marketing platform

    SpyFu; this exposes the search marketing secret formula of your most successful competitors

    Moz Pro; you can boost your online visibility and keep ahead of competitors with Moz pro

    Serpstat; it’s for mostly keyword research and competitors analysis

    Google Analytics; this gives you daily insights on how visitors use your site and also lets you measure sales and conversions.

    Act-on; this particular marketing platform is the foundation for a successful marketing department

    Regards; this tool allows users to create branded short links with custom domain names with ease.




There are other websites that can give you similar information but might not be entirely free, this is why I will recommend you to use ubersuggest to begin with.



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