List Building: How to build a remarketing list

The aim of every business is to make profit, as a business making more sales should be at the top of the bar for you. More often than never with digital marketing it is a lot easier to make sales through leads generated from your email list. Statistics has it that in 2022 the conversion rate of email list has risen over a hundred percent; this shows how important list building is.



List building is a process of collecting a client’s email address and developing a database from the list.  This list is a database of people online who would be interested in the kind of products or services you offer. This means that your email list is your first avenue and  selling point where you can close in sales.

The basis behind list building is that, there’s always an opportunity to market your product and services.  This is because a potential customer has given you permission to do so by signing up to receive updates from you.

Once you have a person on your list, you can keep sending them information about your products and services while you continue to educate them on your specials and discounts that you may be offering from time to time. The more often a client or prospective client is getting more information about your site and the products showcased there, the more familiar and trust worthy your business will appear to them. Although perhaps only subconsciously, the more they will be willing to buy from you when they need what you are offering.



There are quite a number of tools which you can use to build your email list, each designed to suit your brand. Tools such as omni send to a mailchip plan are some list building tools.  Here we have listed top list building tools that would be beneficial to your business. Some of them are made specially for WordPress, while others can be used for any website.

While some are strictly WordPress plugins, some can be applied to different platforms.

Listed below are some top list building tools to help grow your business.

. WPForms 

2. Optin monsters

3. Trust Pulse 

4. Mail munch

5. Raffle press

6. Wish ponf

7. optimonk

8. KY Leads

9. Gleam

10. Listagram



1. Through the Use of incentives

By offering something of  value that’s downloadable or easily accessible to site users, you can quickly earn their trust and help set aside any doubts about handing over an email address. Gift items can come in the form of ebooks, coupons,templates and discounted offers. Your incentive should be able to motivate your potential client to take  action.


Within the world of content creation, it is essential that you find the right incentive to inspire your target market to convert. After which, you can move onto the next step by generating a list of content ideas based on your specific intent to gain leads and build an email list. Some of the best incentives for lead generation include:

·        Informational document

·        Coupons

·        Free product trials

2. Create contents that are catchy

3. Exclusive notification

4. Social media

5. Squeeze pages

6. Discount offers and Deals

7. Exit intent pop ups




Asides Google Ads remarketing is a valuable and relevant addition to your marketing campaign.  So how then do you build a remarketing list.

Step 1: Select the Key Pages on Your Website

The first step on build a remarketing list is choosing which pages on your website should include the tag to on which visitors can be tracked.

On a normal, you only want to select few pages that are important in the conversion process. For example, a page devoted to the purchase of different products from your business shows a lot more intent to convert than your homepage.

You need to think critically about what pages are indicators that a visitor is almost ready to convert and then tag those pages. Cart abandonment pages or conversion forms are high priorities.

Step 2: Make rules to create a custom segment

You can spice up your marketing list to further optimize it. This can be done by adding rules and segment options. For example, you can choose to put a membership limit on your remarketing list. This will erase inactive users from the list over a certain period of time.

If there’s no positive reaction from the clients that convert to sales, after weeks of seeing your messages, they are likely not interested in your products or services. You don’t want to continue wasting time and badgering them with irrelevant messages.

Step 3: Make an appealing Offer.

In some cases, all customers need a little push we could come as incentives. You may want to build a remarketing list around a special bonus that will motivate those individuals towards a conversion.

For leads that are still in the research and comparison stages of their decision, this added incentive can give you a leg up on the competition and make you the more attractive option.



The custom segment is used to build a remarketing list. The final asset used to build a remarketing list? Optimization! As with any marketing strategy, your remarketing list is going to require time and attention to perfect.

When you first publish your remarketing campaign, pay close attention to the level of success it receives. If it doesn’t perform at the level you had hoped, then look into the data to understand why.

Are you using the right assets to build your remarketing list? Is the offer relevant enough to entice a conversion? What can be improved?

You want to continuously ask yourself these questions until your remarketing campaigns reach the level you want.



Email marketing automation is a cool concept, and one of those things that can give you lots of benefits without costing you much effort on a day-to-day basis.

For instance, current data indicate that businesses using automation software generate twice the number of leads than those using just broadcast emails.

More so, as a business owner doing anything online, you should jump on email marketing automation as this might really be something worth getting into, especially for your business growth.

Getting started may seem difficult for you, because you’re trying to choose the best automation tool. To make your work a lot easier, we’ve curated a list to help you with that today.

Here are some of the top best email marketing automation tools as compared to others

1.     Sendinblue

2.     Mailchimp

3.     Mailjet

4.     Drip

5.     ConvertKit

6.     Infusionsoft



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