How to Choose a Profitable Niche For Your Blog

Starting a blog is good and you can earn a living from it. A profitable niche is the best and that is why I’ll guide you on how to choose a profitable niche for blogging. 

Blogging needs a lot of effort and it could be tiring if you’re not making money from it, considering the time and efforts that didn’t yield rewards.

You don’t have to follow the old trend that blogging for passion is the best. 

Is blogging for passion still profitable in 2022?

Blogging for passion helps a lot, in fact passion is what keeps you going through the ups and downs.

Even when blogging is grueling, passion keeps you doing more. But what if the passionate niche you’ve chosen isn’t worth all the time and effort? 

As you might have known that blogging needs a lot of consistent creating and publishing contents. The old trend of choosing a niche based on passion still works but not the way it’s then. 

Most beginners choose a niche based on passion, then create a blog and start publishing contents with no prior knowledge of the content they’re writing on. 

Doing keywords research before writing is optimal, it’s not ideal to create or publish an article without prior research.

When you choose a niche base on its profitability, then it means you have the knowledge of what you’re going into. You’ll have to take necessary actions or learn before you start a profitable niche.

Why blogging for passion is the good at times, but have you ever asked yourself this question before you start a blog:

  1. Is this niche I want to blog about profitable?
  2. How competitive is the niche?
  3. What are the niche affiliate potentials?
  4. Are there many ways I can monetize the blog in this niche?

If you ask yourself the questions above then you will choose wisely. Before you pick a niche, you need to know what the industry of the niche looks like. If you care about affiliate marketing, I believe you would, then choosing a niche with affiliate potentials will be a great option. 

If you’re a complete beginner, you can start with passion first before choosing a profitable niche, the passion will make you stay consistent. 

What is Niche Blogging?

Wikipedia definition of niche blogging – Niche blogging is the act of creating a blog with the intent of using it to market to a particular niche market. 

It’s much easier for a niche blog to gain authority in its niche than a general blog that blogs about any topics from health, music, tech, marketing, reviews, and more. 

The purpose of a niche blogging is to focus on a particular topic and then gain authority in the niche. 

And what do I mean by authority?

Audience will likely buy or use your affiliate link to purchase a tech product that was reviewed on a tech blog. But they won’t likely buy the same product from a blog that blog about health today, music yesterday, and tech next tomorrow. 

Visitors will always see a niche blog as a blog with authority because they focused on a particular topic. A blog in a fashion niche is most likely to sell when it promotes fashion related stuff, but will likely make little to no sales when you promote tech products on the same fashion blog. 

How to Choose a Profitable Niche

There are many factors to consider before you should choose a niche, but we’re talking about profitable niche ideas. 

1. Write down every things you have interest in 

This is where passion plays its role, you have to write down a list of the things you have interest in. Although, your passionate niche may not be profitable or even worth the effort and time. Passion keeps you going, even the so called profitable niches need effort and time before you make money from it. 

Blogging is not a quick to rich scheme, you’ll need to give your time to whatever niche you choose because that’s blogging for you. 

Your passion can play its role by making you stay consistent through the ups and downs. 

2. Audience and affiliate revenue potential

Most bloggers don’t consider this when starting a blog, audience revenue potential matters a lot if you want to start a profitable blog niche. What is audience revenue potential?

Audience revenue potential can be defined in many ways – it is when your niche has the potential or possibilities that the audience will purchase from you. 

A perfect example are reviews blogs, their audience are most likely to buy with their affiliate link if you solve their pain point. 

For example: a blog like vpnMentor  is in the VPN niche. The blog gives solutions on VPN and solves problems concerning VPN. 70% of their audience could use their affiliate link to purchase a VPN service.

Like the blog I used for example above, it has a lot of audience and affiliate revenue potential because the blog mostly recommends and reviews VPN services. With this type of niche, you can make a reasonable amount reviewing VPNs service even with little traffic.

Niche with audience and affiliate revenue potential will have these two things – steady demands and visitors are likely to buy from your blog.

Most of the people searching for hosting reviews on Google are ready to purchase the host but need reviews and recommendations before paying, this is a perfect example of a profitable niche.

Example of niches with audience and affiliate revenue potential: 

  1. Web Hosting review
  2. Personal finance 
  3. Virtual Private Network (VPN niche)
  4. Gaming 
  5. Loan

You can check our detailed article on niches you can start blogging on. 

3. Keywords research

Choosing a profitable niche is easy, but the competition can scare you if you don’t know how to do research. What is the essence of starting a blog on a profitable niche without ranking on the SERP?

To rank your blog on the profitable niche you need to do research and I’d recommend to make use of long tail keywords when you just start the blog. You should make use of Google search console and analytics to watch and study how your blog is growing over the time.


The difference between a profitable and your passionate niche is that profitable niches have both audience and affiliate revenue potentials. Why passionate niches are the niche you choose based on your passion.

Profitable niche needs your time and is consistent like every other niche and being a profitable niche doesn’t mean that it’s a shortcut to make money with your blog faster. Profitable niches are profitable indeed, but not a quick to rich scheme because they need consistency too. But profitable niches can make money with little traffic than passionate niches because of the potential they have. 

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