20 Profitable Niches You Can Start a Blog

Picking a profitable blog niche can be a tedious task if you are a beginner. I believe you’d have heard that some niches are much better to make money from than some. It is true, but all of them are still time consuming. 

Yeah, but some niche is worth it even if they consume your time but some niche isn’t worth it at all. 

This article will educate you on profitable niches to choose from, you can then start a profitable blog on one or two of the niche list.

20 Profitable Blog Niches For Affiliate Marketing

  • Health and fitness niches – Fitness, Organic, Yoga, Weight Loss, Vegan, Nutrition.
  • Finance & Business niches – Investing, Loan, Budget settings, Credit card, Mortgage, Debit settlement, Business Tips.
  • Home and Family niches – Home security, Baby products, Coffee, Pets, Gardening.
  • Tech niches – Web hosting, VPN, Gaming, WordPress, Software.
  • Lifestyle niches – Travel, Airlines, Online dating, Luxury, Fashion, Self development.

Keep reading, I’ll pick some niches and sub-niches in the short list above and explain in this article. 

The sub-niches aforementioned are good for affiliate marketing and you can start a blog on any one you prefer and make cool cash. 

Affiliate marketing is one of the best blog monetization options for both beginner and professional. A niche with affiliate potentials will be good if you want to make money from affiliates. 

#1 Debt Settlement

This is a niche that will educate people on how to settle their debts and free them from  it. 

Due to the pandemic, the amount of people getting loans from both online and offline has increased drastically. 

The mom and dad staying at home need  for their business or personal use and pay back. It’s not surprising that some debtors can’t repay back. 

You can start a blog on this niche and educate people on how to settle debts with their little earnings. 

#2 Investing

Investing is now what everyone does to keep their money and watch it increase over time. Starting a blog in a niche is better if you know more about investing and can guide people like you. 

Investing requires a lot of courage, some investors don’t have that courage or they’re scared of investing and getting scammed. You can educate them and guide them on how to invest without getting scared and get rid of the fear. You should do  more research before starting this niche, you might have to be a professional before starting this niche because your visitors will most likely  believe an expert investor rather than just a blogger writing about investing. 

#3 Home Security

Home security is necessary now in our homes, ensuring your home is safe when you’re at home or not is ideal. There are home security systems that can help you watch and alert you of anything happening in your house. 

This niche can fetch you real cash by writing on home security systems and tips. Tell your audience how they can tighten their home security and best security system for their homes.  

#4 Web Hosting 

Thousands of new blogs are created daily and millions of new domains are registered each day. You can take advantage of this trend and create a blog around this niche and recommend web hosting to your visitors and make money. 

Many people have a website for business and personal use, web hosting is an essential part of a website and some people find it hard to pick the best. 

That’s why some keywords like “Best hosting provider, reliable hosting provider” are getting more popular in the web hosting industry. Even if some people search for cheap web hosting on Google, you can start a blog on this niche and promote your affiliate link with detailed articles. 

It will be a plus to try out the web hosting provider you’re reviewing before you recommend it. 

#5 VPN

Virtual Private Network (VPN) as it is called – this is a niche with detailed and evergreen articles. VPN companies like NordVPN and Expressvpn are in need of blogs to promote their services. 

People use VPN for different reasons, some for streaming, gaming, bypassing government censorship, and more. People want to know how to watch Netflix movies that are not available in their country. 

Netflix has movies that are only for a particular country, if you’re not from the country then you can’t watch it without a solid VPN service. 

You can start a blog in this niche and recommend how to watch the geo-restricted movies and series on Netflix with a VPN, you’re more likely to make sales when people read your article. vpnMentor, top10vpn are popular blogs in the niche.

#6 WordPress

The world’s most popular CMS is WordPress, beginners and professionals need tutorials on WordPress related stuff. How to create a WordPress blog, how to edit a WordPress theme, and many more. WPbeginner is the most popular blog in this niche, you can check the blog for ideas.

#7 Gaming

Gaming is another profitable niche, even on YouTube gamers make money playing games. There are guides for gamers, provide them to your audience and make money with affiliates. 

Even gaming with smartphones is getting more popular every day. You can start writing about games and at the same time create a YouTube channel for your gaming blog. 

#8 Travel

When or before traveling, people need to know what the country they’re going to look like and things to know to be safe. Guide people on how to travel safely, you can show their pictures of what the country looks like and what they might face there. 

This type of niche, people want to have an overview of what the country is about, like how secure the country is and safe places to travel to in the country. 

#9 Self development

Self development is a good niche to blog about, this is a niche that educates people on how to develop by themselves. This is a broad niche with many sub-niches to choose from, such as:

  • Millionaire mindset
  • Goal setting 
  • Motivation quotes
  • Personal development tips, etc.

This is good and you can make money selling a digital ebook you write yourself to your audience. The blog will motivate people, educate them how to meet their goals, how to develop a millionaire mindset, and more.


When you finally pick your niche on this list, ensure that a profitable niche comes with a price to pay. A profitable niche needs detailed articles to convince visitors and eventually make money.

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